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Hemp Flower ➕️ Coconut Oil🥥

Hemp Flower ➕️ Coconut Oil🥥


Embark on a wellness journey with our new product - Hemp Flower Coconut Oil CBD Extract (750mg/4oz)! 🌿 Harvested from farm-grown botanicals at the top hemp farms in the state of Ohio, this all-purpose CBD extract combines the power of organic hemp flower and coconut oil, providing 750mg of CBD in a 4oz jar. Versatile for topical or edible use, each jar includes a Certificate of Analysis for quality assurance. Elevate your well-being with Slap 2 Health! 🌱✨ #CBDExtract #OhioGrown #Slap2Health

NFT Inclusion: Each purchase comes with a one-time exclusive NFT, granting access to a virtual space where you can explore workshops, gain discounts, and access valuable resources on the healing potential of cannabinoids.

Virtual Learning Hub: Dive into a virtual realm where knowledge meets innovation. Our NFT opens the door to workshops, educational content, and expert insights, providing a unique space to expand your understanding of cannabinoids.

Workshop Discounts: Unlock special discounts on transformative workshops that delve into the therapeutic wonders of cannabinoids, empowering you on your journey to holistic wellness.

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