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Hemp Flower ➕️ Coconut Oil🥥

Hemp Flower ➕️ Coconut Oil🥥

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Discover the transformative benefits of our Hemp Flower Coconut Oil CBD Extract (750mg/4oz)! 🌿 Sourced from premium botanicals cultivated at Ohio's top hemp farms, this versatile CBD extract combines the potency of organic hemp flower with the nourishment of coconut oil, delivering 750mg of CBD in every 4oz jar. Whether used topically or ingested, each jar comes with a Certificate of Analysis for quality assurance, ensuring you receive the highest standards of purity and potency.

Consult a physician before use if pregnant, nursing, or using medications. This product is not intended to diagnose any disease. Distributor/Manufacturer claim no responsibility for the misuse/misrepresentation of this botanical product. 18+

Melts at 76°F, refrigerate after opening. If it turns to oil, shake and refrigerate. Serving size is 1/2 - 1 tsp 1-3x daily, with 1 tsp providing 32mg of CBD (6.5mg/1ml). Apply topically or melt in food or beverage. This is a full spectrum CBD infusion.

Ways to use:

1. Add a teaspoon to your morning smoothie for a calming start to your day.

2. Apply topically to soothe sore muscles after a workout.

3. Mix into your favorite recipes for a subtle CBD boost in your meals.

4. Take a small amount before bedtime to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

5. Incorporate into your skincare routine for a nourishing and calming effect on your skin.

6. Add to your favorite beverage for a wellness-enhancing CBD-infused drink.

7. Use as a massage oil to promote relaxation and relieve tension in the body.

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