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Meet Justice and Vanessa, the dynamic co-founders of Slap 2 Health, your premier destination for holistic wellness solutions. With a shared vision to make natural herbs and teas accessible at affordable prices, Justice and Vanessa are passionate advocates for health and wellness.


Driven by a desire to empower individuals, families, and communities, they are dedicated to educating others about the importance of nourishing the body and mind with nature's bounty. In addition to offering a wide range of herbal products, Slap 2 Health also provides empowerment coaching and spearheads projects like the Empowered Souls Project and Unity Project, understanding the needs of today's youth.

But their commitment to holistic well-being doesn't stop there.


Justice and Vanessa are also pioneers in the online space, with initiatives like an online metaverse and engaging online book clubs, all aimed at inspiring, motivating, and bringing out the best version of yourself.


They have also created an online virtual store called Herbal Fusion 3.0, along with office space to hold coaching sessions, and a virtual arena to hold lectures and speaking events. Both Vanessa and Justice are professional leadership and empowerment coaches, with a background in energy work.


They strive to bring the spiritual and physical realms together, bridging the gap between technology and the natural world. Join Justice and Vanessa on their journey to wellness, and let Slap 2 Health guide you towards a healthier, happier life.

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